NITIE celebrated its golden jubilee in 2013 and took a monumental step towards integrating all student events into a unified celebration AVARTAN - a grand celebration of NITIE’s vision of being the leader in the knowledge led productivity movement.


Avartan refers to a rhythmic cycle of Indian music. Chosen as the name for the grand unification, it captures the essence of various events coming together in harmony to create a symphony that befits NITIE.


The events see participants from the best business schools of the country compete in contests that span the entire gamut of management education. They also see phenomenal corporate participation and help in fostering managerial excellence by bringing students, faculty, and industry leaders onto a common platform.


Avartan became a single platform for bridging the gap between classroom learning and the practical application in the real world. The event includes various academic, cu.

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PBM  team
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Mr. Amitabh Kant, CEO, NITI Aayog

"Delighted to visit and address students at National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE) in Mumbai. It easily has the best campus in India (better than any IIT/IIM) amidst forest and lakes,a great faculty and dynamic students. Has potential to be the centre for Manufacturing 4.0"


Arvind Mathur

CEO, Raymond UCO Denim Pvt Ltd

Dear members of the Prerana Business Meet/Team Avartan,


I was very impressed with the excellent organization of the event. Meticulous planning, timely communication and seamless execution are the hallmark of good Management and you all have shown how well you have imbibed these qualities.


Congratulations & Well done!


Mr.Sandeep Chaudhary,CEO,AON Hewitt

While speaking at Prerana Business Meet,  Mr Sandeep gave his inputs on the topic, Is India riding the innovation wave in business & technology,which aimed to capture the disruption that innovation is bringing about in today's world and how it is being used to drive business. The depths of discussions brought new perspectives regarding technological innovation and its application to drive business


Mr. Suresh Menon, Actor

Suresh, during his campus visit to NITIE for Cita De La,  engaged students with his inspiration career story as an actor.

He also guided students with some concepts of management that can be applicable in the corporate world based on his experience in the bollywood industry.