"All our words are but crumbs that fall down from the feast of the mind."
- Khalil Gibran, Sand and Foam.

Science has, for long, limited our arguments to points that are rational and explained by laws of physics. Most magical moments are now broken down by some scientific law or its “exception”. Makes it all seem very dull, doesn’t it? Given our greatest treasure, our words, why not have some fun with these laws and see what colours we can add to life!
So, question now is, how creative can you get to make your point? Can you twist present data to fit an alternate reality? Can you locate the funny bone, so your humorous punches can deliver the knockout blow?
But hang on, there is enough for everyone! Once you pass the first test, you get a chance to showcase your debating prowess against teams from top colleges in a showdown, which will test your temperament and skills across multiple rounds culminating in a Presidential style Debate!
This is your opportunity to show your mettle, and make your ideas stand out from the rest. Are you game for the challenge?

Welcome to Vivaad, the debating competition of Avartan 2018!

PrizeWorth– INR 25, 000/-


• This is an online round. This round is inspired from BAHFEST, The Festival of Bad Ad Hoc Hypotheses. It is a celebration of well-argued and thoroughly researched but completely incorrect scientific theories. Visit for details and guidance on topics

• Teams are free to choose any topic the want. The Unconventional the better!

• Ensure your submission is backed by research, facts and most importantly, humour!

• Teams are free to submit the entry in form of either a video(Max 3 mins), write-up, PPT,series of pictures or any other creative mode they want.

• The file needs to be uploaded on to the following link. (Naming convention: Team Leader_Team Name_College Name)
Deadline for entries: 5th Oct EOD

The entries will be scored based on:

Force of Science– how much “scientific” information was brought to bear (graphs, real citations, “research” etc)
Artistry- how unexpected and clever the idea and presentation are, and how well the idea is communicated
Originality– Uniqueness and authenticity of the idea

Based on the cumulative scores, the Top 8 teams will qualify for the finals to be held at NITIE during Avartan.

Final Round: On campus round (NITIE, Mumbai)

Final round contains a series of activities:

Round 1: Picture Perception
Each team will be asked to come on to the stage and select one number from the screen. Each number displayed will be linked to a picture on which they will have to speak for 2 minutes. There will be no separate time given to think about the topic.

One or both team members may speak.

Teams will be judged on Logical Flow and Delivery of content.

This is a Non-Elimination Round.

Round 2: Rapid Fire

Each team will be given 5 topics to speak on one after the other. For each topic, the team will get exactly one minute to speak. There will be no separate time given to think about the topic.

One or both team members may speak.

Teams will be judged on Articulation and Team Coordination.

Best two teams will move to the final round.

Round 3: Presidential Debate (Final Round)

Each team will have a President and a Vice-Presidentnominee for election. Teams will be asked to draw cards which will display either “President” or “Vice President” & FOR or AGAINST.According to the role allocated, the Presidential Debate begins!

Topics will be based on issues that might come up with electorate.

Teams will be judged on Content and Non-Verbal Communication


Vivaad is open to all students pursuing an undergraduate or post graduate course, or equivalent, across all institutes in India.
Each team should comprise of two members from the same institute.
Students from all years can participate.
All teams are required to register for the event only through dare2compete.
The decisions of the organizers of the contest will be final and binding on all the participants.

Note: Free transportation*(reimbursements), AC accommodation & food to the campus round finalists.

Aditya - , 7259630174

Karthik - , 9895565999

For any queries mail at: