Prerana Business Meet

The Prerana Business Meet (PBM), a flagship event of Prerana, is a conclave for the country’s most influential leaders to discuss the current critical issues of business and its impact on the country’s economic and geopolitical growth through business talks. Over the years, it has seen leaders share their philosophies and success mantras with the industry and academia alike.

During Prerana Business Meet, NITIE plays host to industry leaders and dignitaries who participate as keynote speakers. Year on year, NITIE has discussed several issues where the distinguished people from the top organizations meet and enlighten the students with their diverse views. PBM strives to teach aspiring students by providing them with valuable resources and knowledge, which will set them up for success in future in the industry. The event transforms NITIE into a hotbed of activities focused on inspiring and driving students towards management excellence.

Presented by Nestle this year, dignitaries at Prerana Business Meet gave their inputs on the topic, “Driving Business through Technological Innovation” which aimed to capture the disruption that technology is bringing about in today’s world and how it is being used to drive business. The discussion on this topic was quite engaging and informative, thanks to the vast experience and stature of our esteemed judges. The depths of discussions brought new perspectives regarding technological innovation and its application to drive business.

NITIE hosted three brilliant minds of the industry, for Prerana Business Meet, 2017:
Mr. Omer Dormen, Managing Director, Castrol India Limited
Mr. Prabal Chakraborty, Managing Director, Boston Scientific India
Mr. Arvind Thakur, Chief Executive Officer, NIIT Technologies Limited