“The On the job Achiever’s Contest is a unique attempt to provide a podium to enhance industry-institute as well as industry-industry interaction. During the course of the five days of the corporate magnum opus, elite corporates compete in the On the Job Achiever's Contest. The contest is an ideal platform for practicing managers to present their innovative and path breaking projects, to be judged by an elite jury panel consisting of industry stalwarts (VPs & MDs of top notch firms). It is a confluence of best practices, technological advancements, their implementations and impact on the industry and equips the budding managers with the latest trends and advancements."

Lakshya 2017 "On the Job Achiever’s Contest" had participation from corporate sector across five well-defined verticals: .

1. Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain module seeks projects related to Logistics, Distribution Network & Strategy. Inventory control and optimization, Warehouse Management, Demand Management, Sourcing Decisions etc.

2. Operations Management
Operations Management module seeks project related to productivity improvement, cycle time reduction, reducing process variability, waste reduction, yield improvement etc.

3. System & IT Management
Projects on database development, planning and implementation of IT projects, Project implementation problems, automation & optimization, risk management etc.

4. General & HR Management
This module seeks innovative projects in employee evaluation techniques, employee motivation, recruitment process & employee retention process, pay packages design, Performance Management techniques, Leadership Development, TQM in HR area etc.

5. Industrial Engineering
Projects on Industrial Process Re-engineering, work, systems design, process optimization, techniques improving System efficiency, work & motion study, etc.